About Us

Vitale-Zane & Co. Srl (VNZ) is a management consulting firm specialised in business strategy and organisation, created and led by Prof. Marco Vitale, with Stefano Zane as CEO.
VNZ was established in 2003, the offshoot of a previous collaboration among its founding partners. It is endowed with the wealth of experience accumulated by Prof. Marco Vitale, who since 1979 has played a central role in Italy’s economic development, working alongside several major businesses and entrepreneurs and sharing their entrepreneurial journey.

Among the partners of VNZ is Considi, one of the first in Italy, in 1980, to apply a lean thinking approach to business processes in order to boost competitiveness.

VNZ and Considi have successfully developed, and continue to develop, a series of joint projects.

Markets evolve and change very rapidly,  forcing both private and public organisations to deal with increasingly complex new circumstances.

This is a time of profound discontinuity, in which old models are no longer able to provide adequate responses to the changes that are occurring.

VNZ’s mission is to partner private and public companies and local authorities as they adapt to these changing circumstances