Strategic management consulting and advisory service

We work alongside companies and entrepreneurs, helping them face the variety of phases, whether ordinary or extraordinary, typical of a business’ life cycle, especially at times like these, when profound changes in the markets, and the speed at which such changes occur, increasingly blur the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Our approach is constantly based on the highest degree of sharing, collaboration and engagement with the client and its operational team, making ours a bespoke consulting service offering the following:

  • Strategic management consulting on growth projects, and implementation of these projects based on industry and competitiveness analyses.
  • Creation of business plans designed to foster growth projects.
  • Introduction of strategic management, marketing and financial control tools
  • Assistance to family companies in the ownership restructuring process at times of generational change, when branches of the family are exiting, or by helping in the process of business education.
  • Extraordinary financial operations providing access to growth capital on domestic and international markets.
  • Search for national and international business partners.
  • Risk capital intervention via closed-end funds and other domestic and international institutional investors.
  • Support in the internationalisation process, both in the assessment and planning and in the implementation phase.
  • Support in a company’s preparation for a Stock Exchange listing. VNZ is a partner of the Network Equity Markets of Borsa Italiana (Italy’s national stock exchange institution), within the ELITE programme.
  • Accounting and financial due diligence and valuation of a company’s economic capital.
  • Corporate and financial reorganisation and restructuring, through the adoption of integrated solutions including the reorganisation of the shareholding structure, industrial and financial restructuring (also by means of the procedures prescribed by current Italian bankruptcy law) and the divestment of fixed assets and non-essential activities, with the opportunity of involving selected institutional investors.
  • Certification of recovery plans and restructuring agreements as prescribed by current Italian bankruptcy law.

Training workshops inspired by VNZ’s know-how.