The Enterprise Workshop

The Enterprise Workshop is a business association of expert professionals from various fields, linked by their shared appreciation of entrepreneurial values and by their ability to work with a common focus, enabling them to offer an integrated approach to business issues.

The Enterprise Workshop’s expertise combines business strategy, development finance, process optimisation, purchasing efficiency, interim management, corporate and social responsibility and a focus on the economic development of southern Italy.

It offers clients a single, unique reference point, with an integrated, holistic vision of the business.

A coordinated approach of this kind has several benefits, among them: a close-knit relationship between consultants and clients; reliability in project implementation and a greater ability to attract investment; optimisation of financial operations and improved cash flow management; a constant awareness of the most significant corporate and business administration trends; more credible development plans.

The services provided by the Enterprise Workshop (EW) are also targeted to:

  • Banks, especially in the management of non-performing loans (NPLs); the EW focuses on identifying recoverable assets and on setting up and managing the recovery of debtor companies
  • Institutions which purchase and manage NPLs from banks
  • National and international institutional investors; the EW advises them in selecting and managing their investment in Italian businesses.

The Enterprise Workshop comprises:

  • Vitale-Novello-Zane & Co.
  • Vitale Novello & Co.
  • Oraculum Advisors
  • Considi
  • C. Borgomeo & Co.