Our approach

The Enterprise is the focus of our consulting efforts, especially in terms of its business growth and the development of its corporate culture and organisation.

A business is successful when all of the elements that are part of its entrepreneurial formula are manifestly consistent. Consistency lies at the heart of an enterprise’s market success and profitability, and is the key to its social success, measured by the level of satisfaction of its stakeholders and by the enterprise’s ability to attract resources, collaborations and appreciation.

In principle, a business’ success does not depend on its size, but on the rationality of its entrepreneurial formula at any given time. A company goes through an infinite number of stages in its lifetime, and asking what stage a company finds itself at is an essential question.

Size, whether large or small, is not the key parameter. The key parameter is the rationality of the company’s project: in other words, whether the project fits the circumstances and the development stage the company is at, and is consistent with what the company needs to do at that moment in time.