Stefano Zane

He graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi University, Milan, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant and auditor in 1990.
He worked for a leading auditing and certification corporation, and subsequently as an entrepreneur, taking on the role of CEO in several private companies, overseeing acquisitions and financial, organisational and commercial restructuring projects.
He is the CEO of Vitale-Novello-Zane & Co., a strategy and management consulting firm founded together with Prof. Marco Vitale in 2003, for which he has supervised business development projects for clients in the agri-food, steel, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, textiles, theme park, engineering, IT, biomedical, real estate and utilities industries.

He is an expert in industrial and financial restructuring, also by means of the procedures prescribed by current Italian bankruptcy law.
He is a member of the statutory auditors board for several companies and institutions.
He has been a speaker on corporate and business development issues at conferences organised by several industry federations.
Besides his management consulting work, he was directly involved in strategic assessment and local development projects on behalf of local authorities, among them the proposal for the inclusion of the terraced vineyards of the Valtellina valley’s northern side in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, and a socio-economic study on the province of Cremona, Italy, leading to the publication of two works: ‘Il Cremasco – elementi per una strategia di sviluppo ‘ and ‘Il Casalasco – primo studio su un territorio poco conosciuto ma dalle grandi potenzialità’. He also supervised a socio-economic survey on behalf of the municipality of Idro, Italy, for the drawing up of the Piano di Governo del Territorio, the local town-planning document, pursuant to regional law no. 12 of 11th March 2005, as well as a study for the promotion of local culture in the town of Bagolino, Italy, which led to the creation of the Caffaro valley ecological museum. He was instrumental in establishing the Sabbia valley Cultural District, for which he collaborated to the ‘Castelli di Sabbia’ project, backed generously by the CARIPLO Bank Foundation.
He is the joint author of the book ‘Valori d’impresa in azione’ (Egea, 2012).