Considi is a consulting firm founded in 1980 and is synonymous with the Toyota Production System (TPS). Considi was among the first in Italy to understand the significance of ‘lean’ organisational thinking in helping entrepreneurs and managers structure their companies effectively and efficiently.

Considi has long maintained that the market is constantly evolving, hence traditional TPS has been upgraded to the Toyota Profit System, a holistic company management system.

Lean thinking principles can be applied to all company departments and all market segments, fostering an approach aimed at maximising customer value across the entire supply chain.

Considi’s distinctive skill set covers 4 areas:

  • Operations: improving the manufacturing process, from customer order to manufacturing operations to final delivery
  • Innovation: improving the product development process, from product concept to the end product
  • Organization: improving service management
  • Business Innovation: closing the innovation gap

Within this skill set, Considi has developed the following:

  • A series of proprietary tools (Logos, Proacta, Arca) designed exclusively for applying TPS methods when working with clients
  • Training courses and specialised seminars on lean management, some of them developed in collaboration with the Veneto and Emilia-Romagna Confindustria (the confederation of Italian industry) districts, also featuring case-study simulations
  • A methodology for identifying and monitoring business strategies, also used in industry assessments and competition profiles (the Dojo strategy).